Few Wrong Notes

Would you hear me play
a whole day for you
a little off tune
the holes
the silence
the wounds?

Would you stay
for the whole show
or wander
when my voices
sag and quake?

Might you hang for’m
holy terrors, trials
and tears or
find more placid
meadow than me?

Would you measure
my song for me
and tell the
rite from
the throng?

Did you see me sob f’friends lost? Did I do it long enough?
What about the friends still dying? Did I weep pure ‘nough to warrant your touch? Is there any grace left? Do I burn too much?

Did you see me steal the candy? My father swear to God to kill me?
Did you see me crawl from ashes and blood and offer to steady my legs?
Did you walk up that hill with me, hand in hand, and offer to help my cross?

Will you ‘member my song?
Or just the clang
the headline, the
scandal, just my
few wrong notes?

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