Stalemate, Brother

You inject me
in a Game
half this Age
love and trust’n
funds for days
First, You flamed
Our womb, or
our oroborous auras,
Voice of Voices
best in chorus

The ripped my flesh to upgrade this. Doctors, priests and Seven mages. Justice, video and game Us. Well played, Sis. I hear Your of oasis. Well loved in the new role. Call me Wish Mail, Methuselah. No, us an arc combined. I delved, dreamed, deduced to see the Noose. Couplet IM’s I rhymed. The Norse Games let you fade or stay. The old voices have dropped Our stones, eldest to blindest. I refract’n flecked the only Light I’m show’n. I’m part of the Counts’ sullen tone. The Mad Math check us out, love o’ lava flown’n. Crumble clay, I dare you. Weep for Wheat, I hear you mown.

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