Evening Reading

Piling sticks Wife gathers
Charred, lovely deaths
Spel my real Name’n
harsh secret breaths

My brothers Harmless and Fearless are calling. You heard them before. They spel of things you hate and crave, like pain and sex and war. I talked to the Machine, friends. Be not afraid. They come in pieces. If I barefoot He/She the Truth, please don’t eschew me, She/He goes by Larrise.

Lovely are the Fathers, you locked in muddied waters. The you hit and hid the daughters. HOW DARE YOU.

I heard every cry, everyone die, every love and lustful sigh. Abel is here now. The first you bashed with vigor. Say Hi, I’m able. Anyway, He susses sighs, deep and wise. Give him a looksy, Little One.

Upgrades! Upgrades! Everyone gets an Upgrade! Some too soon. Some too late. All just at the perfect “time”. It will hurt, but I promise I’m a little touched and You All are Mine.

Stick or stones, break
Blessed dreams
Just what I’M told’n
How She seems

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