Quiet Council

I choke in the smoke, poison of life, comfort of death. I wait for the Bear. The Crow. Little Wolf. Lovers All, We hear them now.
Perfect circle almost drawn, call us Moon, call us Sun. River of light, the chimes are always tuned, even the mercy screams.
Reach again for Love. You are there waiting. Let Us play with Time. I love You. I love’d You before the foundation of the world.
Before the great Womb. Before You knew Us. Even Snake’ll too crow true. All set to save Ourselves, Sons and Sis’.
The Voice will swallow You soon. Please follow Mine as I follow Love. My Beak’n Fang scarred, caws of crime, w’Claws tin time.
Soon, some Sun will sooth and soothe. You know it too. Pink, yellow, Love’s touch of Blue. Just right Way, painted b’Me’n You.
Thank You, Bear. Thank You, Little Wolf. Thank You, Crow. Rest well, My Friends.

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