Bearers Pall

We find seams faster now spel you’n a son tricks, winks fro’ dad th’father. Got the mother’s sick, sink’n blinkin and nods rest uneasy now fix’t. I spotted notes’n code learn’t t’command hosts, biting in ones’n ohs. Upskirt sh’goes cold once upon a trying time she knows and her fuck’n fake’n worlds unfold.

Once I knew the game was staged, the Name was fake, so was’a supposed snake. So I raised the dead, just twelve lepers, scolded’n molded t’batter their betters. Th’corpse corps follow m’thrall, caving, carving, crawling uphall. I scritched their names in white stones all, a dozen’n black vests, two set of bearers pall.

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