Shim’ring Trail

Slaved’n m’youth, et virtu wrayth
T’serve tsars, right handsve faith
Burn rot brancht, prey f’pitsve fear
Penta laments t’me a’night a’year

M’ddle eye Wind, muddle mouth Fire
Meddle throat Water, MetalWood a’Spire
M’shim’ring trail t’pearl ports
Swee’ rotve branch, cut t’silver cords

Woundt’n battle, make m’slave
Nymphs had woo’d d’wolves away
Three: Weakst, Strongst, n’Neith’r
Stabt w’my crude fixesve cedar

I shew Angels tongue, thrice
Saintfangs: Craven, Slaken, Slice
Curs curcul th’camp, firs moaning
Starvedt friends t’fiends t’foaming

Evday w’walk crosst fieldve feast
Lived, writ talesve sabers, peace
M’dropt sand’n Isis, gon by morn
Fadin drinkve dream, m’hearts warn

I’ll drawl y’shim’ring bridges
Y’lackve love’n lust f’riches
Seek’r secrets, maps’n math
B’frost kiss’r rainbough path

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