Orpheus Wins F’Once

Eve bo’ us apples, a’damn steep well, mother fo’bade ’em, b’madams no hell. Pity ‘alf-b’reads, playged w’pasty piety, figleaves, sh’burns w’a nasty deity.

Driffen t’ride riddle’n moan’ve maths. Once ablue scythe cycle, w’strip a’fable bare unpair lulled pariah, a’parable w’nekked fact. B’ware t’horror, s’true f’you look f’rward’n back.

Worry not, wantin’ wonton w’men sea’ve secrets, less’ w’baffle mystics’n promisst’utter story b’flash’ve lucid lumens, lucent lunar caress.

Lightning m’way t’Hell, raws’t yet. What’ch m’cross’t. I demand’t command, power’n better’n boss, m’senses suffer loss. Blo’ red condor t’conjure, thro earth t’fire I’ve toss’t.

‘ssure me thro valley’n flame. E’ery blade once, faith, life, death’n lust’n love. An f’needs mus’say, fecking fences w’flense’n flays.

Dream fixeth mul’tude woes, y’forget ’til ye miss morpheus f’months. Or s’it dance’t days, yell’t years, all’t’once? One can’t divine m’pass fro y’presence here, no’where I g’on m’hunts.

Once eon w’light’re let view ‘die vulgate’ t’divulge magicks’n trips n’such. Father save us e’en further w’Mothers, nine monks t’twelve twin sisters, heal’n touch.

Howl loud’r flow’r, know thyself’n fold m’self in ye deep red Tow’r. How’ll w’know r’own hard hearts o’er gods glare’n glow’r. Y’feet’n voice’r gone, shudder y’shadow st’real t’me, b’I’ll ne’er look back t’you, My Love, m’Hope’n Pow’r.

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