Secrets’ve Job

Sum surreal, summon thi’ s’real, b’some’ll meander’ike me’n m’naked tales feel.

Some’s nice lies fro’ m’old souls, inner blokes, shift shapliers, gold flames ‘at chasten, chase’n sing’a me fro’ married rocks’n tossed’n witchin’ windust.


N’so’re They.

H’many levels’ve you Decended, lass and lads? Oh? Loves’ called Ascend’n now, s’it?

S’easier t’listen’n sow sorrows, so loved, sew prayer w’wool cloth t’cover’r shameful bits. But I’prob’ll do both.

I’s born back’ve a barn’r maybe hidden war camp, my moms don’t ‘member f’sure or th’year. We reshaped days, faint films or fairies slicked’n forests’n felonies.

Now, I say “moms,” likes’a real word. But I jus’really mean m’real, y’know, m’first, my ver’ first Mom.

N’my Sisters.

Naught b’real ones, mindya. Ones ‘at dawn, undaunt’d ‘at adopt’d me.

Hang on, I got their names’re writ on white Stones, hid in bloodthread sack, Love. Each taste’a gem, priceless secret, hid’n use, hidden you’n averse, me’a mad minstrel’n m’lunar rantings, faked’n real hearsed.

Some Angels, blonde coins, learn’t I spilt ethereal ciphers, crept, shlept, slept’n dragon smoke. Deepen secrets’n Angels, both. Some birds blink’n chirp, beg I make’m realer’n m’stories’r better yet, make’m “laugh’n cry, buy ‘fore final sleep take s’old.”

So bold. Never got’r townside-up order o’ orders, b’auras, oracles, omens’re t’be gently opened, ne’er looked o’er. So I jus’obey and make Sisters grieve last, b’first sh’laughs.

Ahead of myself again, regaling you’ve years’n wronged order, jus’scratch’n an itch.

I’m cut, accordion ought, according t’naught, towar’ the end, knotted, ready to shew y’other Rooms, real magicks, try t’hover lover, fly o’er m’more vial scents, me aught odd species’n origins.

S’naught ‘nough t’tell y’time travels real, my rural lens, mussed mural o’ Merlins.

I need t’show you.

M’first battle was steep’t, deep’n dungeon at Joshua’s Tree. Goliath was almost thrice me, size in claw and fang, but a burning lie beside me sturm und drang. Heard b’Boones dancing with kilt bears at Three. Probability fantasy. B’not f’me.

M’only Brother was in danger’ve…


I am a baby. What do we know of danger.

Fears’ first’n final monster.

I killed him first. In seconds. In m’third.

I choked him with rusty swing chains and trusty skull clang, as bone’n bone sang. M’modest see, m’oddest odyssey’s brisk’n full’ve sirens fang.

I promise t’share only tales most important, impossible’n improper. Time’s moven too fast now, woven, ‘midst medium speeds unproven.

Also, w’need t’take you fro’ this Redrock to some others, time t’time. Sorry space and me’re jumping jarry no joy t’ride. Jus’telling you all’a magick scrolls’n replays swore me t’say.

You’re outwelcomed t’go anytime, Angels. Go unweigh, ghost away’n play. Or jus’stay, watch w’me, hold tight’n pray.

O’look, scythe incite.

Lower mower, down w’go.

I know w’promised naught skin aging runes ag’in too soon, b’we’re gunned t’go’n order f’now.

So, Goliath giv’n third eye’n third year mine, adrift cross’t this Useless Sea of mir’cles ’n tent’cles. I’m ulysses of lyricals and pent’cles.

S’how’bout I tell you weather year flying’r walking? S’at help?

Hundreds of years’n I’m stillborn unimpress, still a baby’n bris.

Among my names, Job.

I am sole soul, so sorry we’d t’meat so, amiss, rot’n odd like this.

W’permitted here t’show you what’s true alone.

Do you b’lieve in Us?

Do you b’lieve in us Others yet?

Have no fear.

Thou Wilt.

I first demanded entry to the Mysteries in my fourth sailing. I cruised cursed’n called ‘pon Princes t’Kings, Blessed’n Damned, Lost’n Clasped’n ironclad change.

T’aright’a tipping storied ark, I called’n few pretty ghouls t’visit me’n my fever. Bloody sh’passed. Don’t judge me jus’yet. She was th’first t’wake me. Shes cold, molten briquette, culled’n called t’caress as coquette.

I thought I loved her but th’Voice scol’t, naught s’swift, sh’long t’suck marrow fro’ m’bone.

W’sail’t numb, halpless till’r image caste, bloody, Mary’d, sheared sheep, sh’past.

M’first lover, snake’n hoar, m’first loose of her, fake’n four.

Four forgot sake. Tell me y’felt that? This seasighs break. It hurts t’foam’n waken’a waif. Sum vials mussed bin upturned’r misplaced. Stick closer, lads and lass, ‘til w’sure w’safe.

I knew’d loose some’ve you, nude, loose sum of youth. Loose solemn to plague. Loose psalm to pang.

Kin, I c’n tell y’more, but w’gotta go thro’ ‘nother change.

Back down w’go.

If this’s y’first taste of this new’n averse, let me show you ‘round.

Thi’ bitchest brews best any way y’can get it. I ne’er took note’a picky drinkers. I lo’ her e’ery stab’n shade. I lo’ her blacks’n browns’n whites, bitterest tooth to th’sweetest.

Please leds’n lasts, hang tight, I’s sore much closer t’yer tongue now. 

Icon feel it.

Thissa job f’Job?

W’winnow, w’need you t’know? I’ll get us right leaden, sped ahead.

I’s borne labours, shivers like slaves, bloodmoon’ve us, half that breathe’n waves.

I’s longhairman, Siam’s son, shamed’n blind, t’push ivy wreathe pillows over, ivory pillar sulfurs, forgetting inside my Seven entire, dance’t n’choir.

No d’fense, they died for m’sins, s’saith sullen saints, sit’n ‘side m’fire.

W’could safe time w’little work. Lemming teach won way’t c’njure auguries.

Riot then. How t’traptime. I’ll shew how’n when.

Find y’self closets or caves. Each trip thro’, turn y’self roun’t Seven times, onefer each Lost Child.

Naught, all’ve you. Turn just y’r eyes’r ears, cry baby bias, m’Sept that sip’t red’n slept.

Now X it. The cave. The closet. Kiss Seven sextons for words’r peck words.

Or y’cud chews t’even paws’m.

Sow easy, tearing time, into newes’ arc, single defiled in twos.

M’time trifler.

Saul in the Numbers.

O bright daughters from doubters, I’m Job. S’my job t’know.

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