Tulip o’ Thee

Thinking of one ‘other
clues, hints this mirage
scratch our itching minds
you left me, psychic sidekick
safer, cheaper, darken fading
denying our angels affections
least I listen, slower
part our petals, surer
make my own source’r
I’m loathed, giving secrets
I loved whole worlds once
billions, almost nothings
I give them tongues
t’sup and sip, whine I’ve
forsook them like the rest
but I put a blank mark
on ’em, kep’ ’em gems
mined, rebuffed comforters
whispers, flashes, glints
cloak and dagger ‘folds
fill me, call ‘n beck
I pluck a loot, spel a p’arm
I rouse a dozen
blinking owls each night
one or two I’d charm
Loot and Spel, I aura you
karm’ crawl, unclawn and calm

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