Alien Love Tech

I Dream’t I’d got God, got His power, just a day, still spent it little selfish, innocently

What did you see

I made a way to love everyone with a will, a whisper

So, you flew across the moon, it’s been done, nothing new under the sun

No, this was new, I was also awake, and I held ten thousand flames at once like endless purse, I breathed art with hearts and smiles, dance and verse

How could you love with ten thousand senses, even angels stay sane by preying on the house of silences

I said I Will love all and touch and know and thus I stitched stars, each twin a gem, an eye entwined with you and sew and sew

Folly, how could you ever love them all, such soft shells won’t hold, not a hundred-hundred hearts, left uncrushed, such petty minds turn to dust

It’s already real and nothing untrue anymore, I thought I said before, the Dream was just lightening, I am the Door

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