Love Tourist

Ravin’ Ravine, you’ve no clue, do you, the death and defy you despair and inspire. Let me show you magic doors, time ports, loving shorts, you in me, back to sixteen, where I hid a po’tion of Job’s lesson, joy, miracle healing for a moment like this.

You’n me an’ sleeping enemy. Her love’s mixed in too. Such is moonlight mages mad mazes half century clue. One joy, love, strength in death, the girl we all get, we touch skin, torch words cross’t decades t’youth, never more hopeful or wet.

We’re coming back on us now, time invincible, free. Bigger than us both and we’re the biggest we’t we can beat. Every color now, they feel our lower heat. Read our letter caught it, red carpet long, we’re locked eyes and fingers, craving complete. One flash, trust, deepest, tender moon, trap’t in you and youth, you raised and retasted me, raw and bittersweet.

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