Oh Dear! Sister, I Too Shall Be Too Late

Dive, All of Us in her rabid hole, A-List, all in wonder, Red
Look, you uniquely Heal me here, hear in your head

Prayed for powers, magics’ loveliest when harsh
taskmistresses, versen chorus, wilden awash

Wheel, King, Jester, you and I, smoking Mages, end’t up Fools
drawin’ Oasis by candlelit faces, tonguelike jewels

There you are again, welcome back, A-list girls, Friends
Queens of darkhearts ne’er heal and off w’their own ends

I made a capital of ’em Mad, had her, lost her damn quote
so I slidetimed deeper, just teacup, arrowin’ a crow

Stories are sad, everybody dies of spite and lazy habit
Follow Us downwell, catch her soft, whitened, grab it

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