Two Hands, Multiplied

I liked your stories
better, I oft hear
b’that’s the problem
justice’s damn weird

People think I’m eccentric, quaint
when I say my hands are best friends
and talk all day
It’s true
I switch them out all the time
for different models
some electronic
they click into place
without my trying
and oddly look
just like you

I have a friend named “C”, of note
right furry hand for years
now she’s getting old

My left handed devil “O”, ‘most m’twin
Equally bearded and
given to sin

They love each other
but prefer

My second right hand, “N”
is peaceful, wary of men
ever loyal

My last left handed compliment
“E” is wiser than me
gracing my oft blinds

And that’s just first of the story
C lets me love O, but I can’t
love C sametime’s O, oh no!

They’ve had years to settle down
tattler and villain, stuck to part
best friends bite but hardly bark

I party hands together for firing fills
my guarded pyramid
or CONE, if you will

See? That’s why I don’t tell stories
They’re raw or boring, rearranged
ONCE upon a glory

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