Dear Teri

Oh Teri.
I debated writing you a letter, but you were such a dear sister.
You were a hero of mine and warrior of faith.
Do they still wipe away the tears, there?
I can’t wait.
Will I merely tell you of things you’ve already seen?
You’re brightest, silver eyes in my cloud of witness.
Did you have a hand with this?
I think it was your joy in me when dad died.
I didn’t expect such peace.
I wished you’da met the ones that have held onto me.
I have only been by father’s heart a few times.
Dropping off coats and hugs for Robin, Pam and the like.
I wished you’da met Nadine and Peety.
Jenna and Kayla almost brought flowers and me.
But I was so sick and hesitated.
You threw out a last text and caught me in time.
I miss you terribly.
Your friends and I wept and celebrated you.
The day Peety moved in.
Shaking with fear in a love garden, we forged ways cross’t darkest divides.
Thank you for being my hero.
I can’t stop crying.

love you Teri

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