Cross’t Other Sides

Seven months since he split his part
I’ve never slept since
shaman fanning sparks
say your peace
purples in darks



I love you
You are my mine
I’m sorry I hurt you
so many time

You crave holding
but I pushed you ‘way
making your arms swing
fists for play

Thank you for love
Giving me a chance
Hugging your kids
when I never had

We made peace
decades hence o’er
bourbon and ‘shoes
wars of cribbage

S’only light, this side
w’make up lost time
tell me of your sick’n
trips and wonderful kids

We’ll cribbage centuries
chess twenty more
your Twin Torches’re undoing
you’re ‘most to the Door

Thank you. Love you too, Dad. I know fire’s my undoing, more than yours. I think I’ll keep ‘wakening and brighten you stars.

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