Felon in Six by Six

Happy or not
she’ll stay w’him
laying, lying twixed
selfies or trying
t’fix others more
lost and crying

Scribbling like pros
with no clothes
bread and cup
stare, then sup
hungry, we two
just woke up

Her broken’s final
no more deniable
tap tapping fingers
your tap’s spinal
that baby’s dead
no longer viable

He’s just ill
young mind horrors
your cluttered shelf
sickness and health
penance, her pain
for wickedness wealth

Waking him up’s
most revealing, peering
at realists’ dream
before others see
veneering, the shellac
sleepless angels pack

Happy or not
she’ll save him
save the kids
save the world
if God helps
but then forgets
to save herself

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