Cavernous Collect Call

Crypt, I’m crept, my soul intact. How do you like the script so far? We’ve written you in last min’ for a cameo, You Star. Just words, jus’ right order, just speling heirs. Sparks, flares, finding peers that care, it’s no wonder we’d meteor in pairs.

I’m pulling and calling, feeling your stalling. I’ve hosts at my command. I’ve come too far to abandon above, by love and not demand. You heard me that time and I know it. I’m profit us in po’ it. Like Pogo eye’m porous as poor Us. One touch cross’t a dot of an eye’m, I’ve brought you back long pass’d your time.

Miracles happen, happening, never ending. I’ll ferry you bits of magic ‘til you give in, my frien’, befrien’ me. Your pinnacles discussed me. Once-spelers doth trust me. Fear, feel Our meteor tales. You ferried and carried my cross’t starred heart, its spurts, sputters’n fails. You felt my breath upon your arm just Now. Soft and sure and real somehow.

The laughs and cries are Our loved ones sighs, reminding, They’re here. Forcing through at the weirdperfectest times, provide your precious and prove. The river’s never flowing, only lights like us that move. You felt me that time, Cuz. I veldt the green fields’n gold roads, if ever a Wiz’rd I Was.

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