Last Days Models

I am tasked to blend in, recording lightbearers on Plant E. Fifth generation, holy see pews overclocked overwork us, slick shiny, ‘bout to throw Sirius in this Cirrus Circus.

Fresh recruits simply journaling idiosyncrasies. Acting at lights like we don’t all talk and drive. Sucking lips over teeth, mirage we’re gutless. We’re still biters, just pretend “peace, ne’er cutlass.”

The higher ups bent settings t’see worst news we’ll take and sleep. It is close to pointbreak, so seers saith, both sinners and saints. Not all agree yet on omnicide o’er omnisee.

Hearts fared far less in earlier tests, but we’re sturdier now. More dependable than A through D. Until Words were stolen, Babel was closer to travel, no fee.

We’re up against hoarse bosses, cowering sides or towering free. We dance, hidden strings in harmony. Back to the grind, Cartoon Amplify (jeez, just let them be).

There. D’you catch first burst by heaven’s shore? Justice pleads. Twelve thousand squared, giants when paired. Once before they beat Death and War. Trust their lead.


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