Group B

What have you got for me today

Sir, the wakening is continuing to accelerate

Is everything on schedule as it should be

Yes Sir, as always

Good, tell me about these colors mixed with words

Those are in the awake group, Sir

Why can’t I get a fix on it

They’re the Changers, Sir

What are they changing

No sir, I mean, they are changing


They found a new path to the source

Go on

They see with eyes we haven’t even designed

They invent ways to connect, not stay separate

Look at this one Sir, she is reaching through time

I thought that was one of their flaws

It is, but this group is somehow mixing order and chaos


Life found a way

Why is she crying

The input for this group can be overwhelming, Sir

How do they store it in such fragile shells

Sir, they have called it a new word we haven’t seen yet

What is it


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