Breathed in Their Nostrils

I hear my heart
baying at abuse
of my making
My friends bore me
gifts, every one
I started to see seams
dashes tween surreal
and dying dreams
breathing fire, but yet
to create life
in my own write
I’m still quoting lioness
time disrupters
at heart, we’re
fixers of filth
and fineries

Too late. I already
captured your
real smile
before your phase
perfect parts
of our tragic plays
don’t lie, you told me
you loved me
you love me
when it was real
as the sun
I will always hold you,
however far venomous
you run

Gears in a watch
if you’re willing
to see, or revolver
or glock

We teamed up our
you shoulda’ been
which is of eastwood
got nothin’ on Him
but how many listen
when they read
riddles by liars
lined up for fee
just listening
you’re in me

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