Almost Home Again

Oasis Friends, come. We are our strength tapped in times apart. I am your smile and you are my ‘it’ll be okay.’ Lower the shame and let go. I never judged you. I only loved you. You weren’t the blame you carried. We aren’t pain parents ferried. You waged war o’er silvers, just in your wrinkled grays, but we were never on the battlefield. We eschewed the sword and severed cord for signed accord. You are my approval and I am your disapproval, time being. Time being what it is. What it is, bending time. Do I ‘muse you? Perfect. I’d a teased your oddities.

I’ll let you fold into me when the time is right. I’ll be your goat until your follow sheep falls asleep. Learn to act your angst out on me. Just notice at the end, the hearts, not swords, queens of pen. I am my father’s voice. Again and again. The laugh, the scoff, the poor to portend. At times, thunder and demon. Still, he’s ever my friend. He’s here, tapping away in feet and finger, flames of memory, flush with anger. How could I not welcome him to the table? He helped form our fable. I see the canon, cane in coding and can rearrange it when I get my faith bashed in like bashful Abel.

Imagine yourself dimmer. Dimmer still. Now brighter than you thought possible. We sing of you, shooting star. I’m sorry my nonsense stopped soothing you. Robin heard all the voices and woke a hundred million of us. Back to our corners. One more chance. Invisible bands cost a drink and a dance. You took cheers as jeers and baying for bayonets. Hold on a sec.

This is the other line. I was just thinking about you. Wait, is this still about you? Hold on a second, honor second. Remember the time the tumblers aligned and verse was whole and holy? I’m reaching for you now, through them and back again in the dream you’d felt ghosting in my doting. The jester and phoney. But someone must knead the voices. Scrap your script for robin’s improv choices.

I’m back again. Nothing. Just a friend’s sad song carried on the wind. We made figurines from fantasy and can read each other’s minds, you see. You’ll see. Eyes’n skies’ll peel like a scroll, your name next to mine, signed below. Deal with the devil when you must. Just come home at the end. Seek a lighter love, cursed choir and dying birds above. It’s breaking. I know you feel it too now. Just hold on. One more second.

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